A Practice for the Modern Life

Seeking enlightenment by living in a mountain retreat on a basic diet is for amateurs!

Learn how to find peace while living in the modern world.


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A Truly Life-Enhancing Manual For Better Living!

Georges Brisset is a superb guide to new truths and classical wisdom.

— Ronald Gross
Author, The Lifelong Learner and Peak Learning

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This book is a Gift!

This isn’t a self-help book. It’s a guidance book to shed light and encourage you to take the right steps toward the direction you want to go.

— Laura Bang
Founder and Editor, BrazenHub.com

Backed by scientific truths, Life Beginner’s Manual is at its core based on 40 years of real-life experience, personal research, failures, and successes.

The first half of the book simplifies the structure of the human mind and explores the chaos theory, neuroscience discoveries, Buddhist practices and self-help techniques presented in layman’s terms for anyone to launch or pursue their personal transformation.

The second half of the book focuses on practices to fix the mind and support healthy habits composed of three equally important components:

  • The physical practice
  • The ghost-chasing practice
  • The connection practice

In a quick and engaging writing style, this book will provide life hacks that will add to the understanding of your mind, the quality of your life and bring both practical accomplishments and inner satisfaction to live a happier and more fulfilling life.


Georges Brisset is an author, coach, and speaker dedicated to raising the consciousness of the world and helping individuals reconnect to their true divine nature and power through a unique daily practice made for the modern lifestyle.

As an explorer of the mind and world, Georges is an independent scholar, a dedicated teacher, and the author of the Simplified Brain Theory, a cognitive science applied into an everyday mindfulness practice.

Georges is a living example of his teaching and working with him or attending one of his workshops is a chance to find your own truth.